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Nut and Bolt Protection Caps
Nut and Bolt Plastic Protections,Nut and Bolt plastic cover
Nut and Bolt Protection Caps,Nut and Bolt Plastic Protections,Nut and Bolt plastic cover
Professional of Nut and Bolt Plastic Protections,Nut and Bolt plastic cover manufacturers. Specialize in manufacturing Nut and Bolt Protection Caps in China.

it is easy to use polyethylene snap-on caps offer a maximum protection from rust on both the bolt and nut. The model 1 vertical snap section fits under the nut and creates the perfect press fit of sealing lip and snap cap over the bolt and nut connection where minimum threads are exposed. In applications where the bolt has at least ½” of exposed thread the Model “S” threads itself to the connection giving the joint protection from the elements that cause corrosion

Flange Protection and Pipe Protection Products:
-Flange Protectors and Flange Covers to Protect Flanges (size from 1/2" to 40")
-Plastic Pipe End Caps and Pipe Plugs to Protect Pipe from Damage (size from 1/2" to 72")
-Pipe Clamp Protection 1/2" to 6"
-Rebar Safety Caps provide protection from protruding rebar and are intended for at grade applications
-Most Items Have stock

Custom products
At your request we can develop and manufacture custom products designed to your individual application needs. This will be less costly than you may think.
Usually, it will not be necessary to devise all-new tooling. In most cases it will suffice to fabricate special inserts for use in existing master moulds.

Technical cleanliness: Production in accordance with VDA Band 19 and ISO 16232 in our specially equipped cleanroom on request.

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